Kinney + Kinsella

Joanna Mastroianni


Creating buzz for fashion designer Joanna Mastroianni


  • Joanna Mastroianni has been an American fashion designer for more than 20 years with not a lot of recognition.
  • After several years of not showing at "the tents", in 2012 the company hired K+K to create significant buzz for her collection.


  • Because the brand had been around so many years, it was difficult to garner excitement about the new collection.
  • K+K actively pursued over 1000 press (editors, stylists, bloggers, photographers, news crews) to attend the show and give Joanna the deserved coverage.


  • K+K was able to secure significant placements for Joanna Mastroianni in Elle, WWD, AOL, Huffington Post, NY Post, NY Daily News, Town and Country.