Kinney + Kinsella



Establishing Jaeger-LeCoultre as a true watch manufacturer


  • Jaeger-LeCoultre wanted to establish the brand as a true watch manufacturer – how do you convey that to luxurywatch consumers?
  • How do you differentiate the brand from other true watch manufacturers (i.e. Patek Philippe and Rolex)?


  • Have editors visit the factory/ headquarters in Switzerland to understand what capabilities Jaeger-LeCoultre has andhow their product is superior to other brands.
  • K+K strategically chose a writer that wasn’t a watch writer and more of a features writer so the article would notbecome too technical.
  • K+K spent 3 days with the writer in Switzerland and arrange interviews and tours and convinced Jaeger-LeCoultreSwitzerland to give this writer at the time unprecedented access to the facility and many of its archives.


  • Cover feature story on the December issue of Robb Report (the first cover for both the writer and Jaeger-LeCoultre).
  • The $275K watch featured in the article sold within 15 days of the publication drop date.
  • From this article and the angle that K+K established, Jaeger-LeCoultre was the first watch company to create the “Master Class” program that showed watch collectors how to become “watchmakers for a day.”
  • The “Master Class” program was adopted by all the JLC watch distributors globally and has been copied by many of Jaeger-LeCoultre competitors because of its success.